The Clinical Hospital will have a new laundry equipped with the latest technology

The Clinical Hospital will have a new laundry equipped with the latest technology

The Clinical University Hospital ‘Lozano Blesa’ of Zaragoza will count from 2019 with a new innovative and intelligent service of laundry and linen, thanks to a procedure of Public Purchase of Innovation (CPI) in which has been advised by the Aragonese Institute of Health Sciences (IACS).

In this way, a clothing processing service will be hired, including the complete adaptation of the facilities, and the service will be paid according to the kilos of treated clothing and garments dispensed, over a period of 12 years. This will continue to be managed with the hospital’s own staff.

The Minister of Health, Pilar Ventura, today presented the project together with the manager of the sector, José Ignacio Barrasa, the managing director of the IACS, Sandra García Armesto, and the managing director of the health center, Jesús Olano. “This project will be a pioneer in Aragon and highlights the commitment of the Aragonese Government to establish contracting mechanisms that are committed to innovation,” said the counselor, who has toured the facilities of the current laundry .

The Clínico laundry will serve the centers of the sector Zaragoza III, which employs 5,200 people and 980 hospital beds are located, as well as  start the process consultations, areas for emergency, day hospital and ambulatory treatments. With an area of ​​980 square meters, it was launched in 1974.

With the new system, a washing production of 1,564,000 kilos per year will be obtained, compared to the current 1,300,000 kilos and an automatic dispensing of 292,000 garments per year.

The amount of the tender for the dossier is 6.1 million euros, distributed between 2019 and 2031, and the tender will be published next week, after having already been approved at the last Governing Council. The objective of the same is to obtain an integral laundry and linen system that allows, taking advantage of the existing spaces and optimizing the equipment and processes, a sensible improvement of the service.



In addition to technological innovation, improvement of working conditions and reduction of risks inherent in this activity, with the new awarding, the current total costs of this service are to be reduced, thanks to greater efficiency, capacity and automation of part of the facilities. For this reason, the awardee must guarantee the renovation and updating of the facilities, whose cost is estimated at 3 million euros, as well as the incorporation of new technologies that may arise during the term of the contract.

The awardee will have an initial period of 4 months for the adaptation of the rooms and installation of the necessary equipment including the adaptation and reform of the spaces, all the facilities and systems necessary to perform the washing, drying and ironing service, as well as storage and automatic dispensing in the area of ​​general lingerie and surgical areas. You must also supply the consumables necessary to carry out these processes and the maintenance of the facilities.

The project is designed to be self-financing with the expected savings on current operating costs, so that it will not require any direct investment in the full cycle of the contract. In addition, it will lead to a substantial improvement in the working conditions of the staff, through the improvement of the ergonomics of the work stations, and in the ecological footprint of the hospital, by the reduction of energy and water consumption.

The service will be rewarded to the awardee by units-kilo of washed clothes and automatically dispensed garment, so that it will be paid for the results obtained over time.



This public purchase of innovation from the Hospital Clínico will be a pioneer in Aragón for several reasons. The first, for the support of the European Union. The purchase by CPI is a bet for the improvement of the public services of the hand of the companies, that are those who know in depth the processes and last technologies in the matter, so that a mutual incentive takes place in all the development of the contract .

The project, called SIGLA, has made it possible for the Clinic to be the first health entity in Europe to receive the recognition and support of EAFIP (European Assistance for Innovation Procurement), a body dependent on the European Commission. The recognition has allowed the hospital to receive technical advice in the design and implementation of the tender, which has allowed optimizing the design and launch of the tender.

In addition, it is the first time that a tender by the Government of Aragon incorporates INNODEMANDA, an incentive mechanism for the public purchase of innovation from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and University that has the purpose of financially assist bidding companies to participate and submit bids Innovative in these contracting procedures, which will ultimately benefit the Laundry Clinic Hospital.

Uncertainties about banks’ contribution and exposure to Greek debt

As soon as the 110 billion euros bailout package was approved in Athens, the eurozone urged the banking sector to participate in the collective rescue effort

After the states, will private banks fly to the rescue of Greece? As soon as the 110 billion euros bailout package was approved in Athens on Sunday (May 2nd), eurozone leaders urged the banking sector to participate in the collective rescue effort.

The idea of the governments is less to make it contribute in the form of soft loans to the Greek state – a track however seriously explored in Berlin – than to force it to maintain its level of global financing of the Greek economy.

Clearly, it is a question of not letting go neither the State nor the private sector. Banks are encouraged to keep their Greek sovereign debt securities in their books and, for those doing business in Greece (notably the French banks Crédit Agricole and Societe Generale, among the most active), to continue to grant loans to households and businesses- blog link Fauxleague.

In France, during telephone exchanges between the Treasury and banks, Sunday, they committed themselves to play the game, “by maintaining all of their competitions, says one in the entourage of the president of the French Banking Federation (FBF), Baudouin Prot (BNP Paribas): A commitment was made to the public authorities, no other form of participation in the plan was asked of us ” .

A meeting on the same subject is scheduled in Berlin, by Wednesday, May 5th. The challenge, for Germany, is also to give proof of firmness to its banks, to better pass the pill of the Greek plan to a hostile public opinion. The German contribution to the rescue plan will go through the German public bank KfW.

This call not to abandon Greece, while it will face a violent recession, because of the severe austerity plan imposed in exchange for European aid, aims to stop the withdrawal movement, initiated by the banks Foreign.

Since the outbreak of the Greek public finances crisis and the depreciation of Athens’ sovereign debt, major European financial institutions have begun to sell off their stocks of government bonds. At the risk of aggravating the difficulties of Greece.

Three weeks ago, says a financier from London, several British banks have been offered “several hundred million euros of Greek sovereign debt, from a large French bank, determined to get rid of”. Other attempts to sell have been made, but buyers are rare.

“Greece Is On The Red List”

On the private sector side, the tone is the same. Strict instructions have been passed to the teams in Athens, to tighten the credit cracks in the private sector, while inevitably, the defaults will multiply.

“I do not know if the call of solidarity policies towards Greece will change the slogan of the house, but for the moment at home, Greece is on the red list. right to invest a dime! ” indicates a subsidiary manager of a large decentralized bank in France.

In fact, the political directive clashes with the reality principle. On the one hand, the states consider the support of the banks as a normal counterpart to the massive public subsidies granted to the sector during the financial crisis. And this, especially as once again, the Greek rescue plan benefits banks: it removes, at least temporarily, the risk of default on payment of debt, and therefore avoids substantial losses on their bond portfolios.

On the other hand, banks, barely recovered from the subprime debacle, must protect themselves against risks, in particular by avoiding getting bad loans. The new rules of the banking game, in preparation for the Basel Committee, and eagerly awaited by the G20 leaders, are even supposed to reinforce their policy of prudence.

Tied between these conflicting demands, it’s a safe bet that the banks are setting their foot on their commitments in Greece. French banks are, as we know, the most exposed to Greek risk. They are in the line of sight of analysts and stock market investors, who struggle to know where exactly the Greek debt is, and for what amount.

Thus, the exposure of the French banking sector to Greece, all public and private debt combined, reached more than 59 billion euros according to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – 53 billion euros at December 31, 2009, according to the Bank of France, including 16 billion public debt, according to other sources extremely reliable.

But to date, only Crédit Agricole has reported a total exposure of … 850 million euros, including its Greek subsidiary Emporiki, while BNP Paribas spoke of a limited exposure. These figures remain incomplete since they are limited to the banks’ own account. Nothing is said about the exposure on behalf of third parties, otherwise on the risks borne by customers (via securities accounts, UCITS, life insurance, etc.).

According to our information, to avoid unpleasant surprises, the French Prudential Supervisory Authority (ACP) and the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) have just written to all French banks in order to obtain, in a timely manner, the amount of their exposure to the debts of Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland.

Tips On How To Play The Stock Exchange

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According to your small business Administration report, “Expected Expenses of Start-up Ventures”, released in November, 2003, the regular business with one proprietor costs about $6, 500 to start, and the average company with two or more owners expenses about $20, 000.

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The Advantages Of Car Leasing Companies

When you wish to find the best car lease offers, you don’t have to look far. However, you do have to look smart. You want to get the deals that will help you probably the most while giving you the most chance of saving money on the car you desire.

In case you are leasing on an independent car leasing companies entire body, you can have the flexibility to choose which usually brand and model to favor. Because you are renting the car for a particular period, expect that the cost may not be as significant since actually buying the car for your personel.

Whenever you opt to purchase a, then it is beneficial to compare plus work out the quotes provided by different companies. No one must get out alone for rates comparison; you can make a search on the web. However make sure you have provided accurate details such as the produced year of the car, your full name, date of delivery and car model.

A good way to put this idea is the fact that in the short term, the lease may be better. Since you are only spending money on $7000 over three years, the particular monthly payments are going to be lower. The special monthly loan payments are usually higher because you are spending money on the $13, 000 the car will be worth whenever paid off, so although you may not actually “lose” this cash, your short term car lease Chicago payment will be higher. In the common expression, of course, they are equal. The particular lease and the loan, in fact, cost the same. In the long term, the particular loan is a better concept. The owner of the car can not decide to either trade it within or drive it for some more years with no vehicle payment at all. The owner of the particular turned in leased car must lease or buy an additional.

Vehicle Lease shopping could be the less intimating encounter in the event you understand what things to view regarding and what concerns to ask to get you the ideal car leasing websites. Here are some recommendations for car rent shopping.

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Fleet managers also need to think carefully about the type of automobiles that their drivers make use of. Some newer models are equipped for incredible fuel economy. Specifically the diesel versions. Simply by steering company car motorists towards these options, the individual savings in fuel expenses across the entire fleet are usually potentially enormous. CLVR possess car lease deals on the range of ultra efficient diesel powered models that fleet supervisors should certainly take a closer take a look at.

There is the requirement for you to find car insurance that’s affordable. You do need the insurance, therefore, it is alright to spend for one. Just be adept at finding the one that you can easily afford. The car quotations would be a great help to anyone this way. You can either use the internet or go offline on the lookout for these short term car insurance that you require because they are always there when you need all of them.